Tips for Saving Money on Heating Repairs

A functional HVAC system makes a big difference in a home or commercial building’s overall comfort level. Professional repairs and maintenance keep these systems running smoothly, but repairs can be costly and time-consuming. While repairs are a necessity, paying too much is not. Here are a few ways to save on heating system repairs.

Schedule Maintenance Regularly

Don’t wait until there’s a problem to call for help. Your commercial HVAC installation requires regular inspection and upkeep. With frequent maintenance, these systems can perform optimally for decades. When minor issues are left untreated, they often lead to bigger and costlier problems. During a maintenance appointment, our technicians will inspect your building’s system and restore its normal function.

Consider an Upgrade

Is your heat pump or AC unit more than ten years old? It might be time to replace it. A heating system upgrade is a great way to reduce the cost of repairs and improve efficiency. Today’s heating systems provide indoor comfort without using too much energy, which reduces monthly expenses and increases durability. Our specialists can install the right model for any kitchen or commercial building.

Keep Outdoor Units Clean

To minimize the need for costly repairs, it’s important to clean and maintain outdoor HVAC units between professional service visits. These units should be kept free of dirt, leaves, and debris that block airflow and make systems work harder.

Ensure Proper Airflow

When things block the airflow from an outdoor or indoor unit, the blockage causes drag and reduces a system’s efficiency. For instance, if trees surround an outdoor unit, their branches should be trimmed back. Use a vacuum on these systems once per year or more to spot potential problems before they get out of hand.

Keep in mind that, if pets or pollen are around, there might be animal dander in the vents. While it’s not a problem for most people, it may trigger allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. It’s an easy and simple thing to check often, especially in businesses where pets visit often.

Change the Filter Often

Air filters have a significant impact on a system’s performance. Clogged and dirty air filters inhibit airflow, causing an HVAC system to struggle and use more energy. As a result, the system may become overworked, and indoor air quality will suffer.

Changing the filter every 90 days, or more often in dusty or dirty areas, will help a heating system’s performance. Not only will replacing the filter reduce energy waste by up to ten percent, but it will also help the system last longer. In the long term, you’ll save money and avoid the expense of hvac repair services.

Turn Off the System at the End of the Day

Most business owners don’t need to cool their buildings while everyone is away, so it’s best to turn the heating system off at the end of the workday—and turn it back on in the morning. It’s a big waste of money to leave the heating system on when there’s no one around to enjoy all that hot air.

Avoid Peak Season Scheduling

There’s a lot that goes into running a successful business, and ultimately, employees and owners are simply looking for a comfortable space in which to work. If you’ve ever suffered through a South Carolina winter without heat, you know the importance of indoor comfort. During this time of year, our services are in very high demand as problems are more likely to occur. Avoid emergency repair charges and save money by scheduling repairs and maintenance during the off season.

Buy a Top-Quality System

The higher a system’s quality, the more durable it will be. Business owners in South Carolina can do a few things to find the best systems for their buildings, such as shopping around for quotes and buying equipment from trusted vendors. Read reviews for recommended brands and compare warranties. A solid warranty indicates that a manufacturer stands behind its equipment.

Keep Ductwork Sealed

Forced-air HVAC systems use ductwork to route heated air throughout a building. With proper sealing, hot air can’t escape and is sure to reach its destination. Holes, leaks, and improperly connected ductwork will cause a system to work much harder, increasing costs and the chances of premature failure. Minimizing leaks and strengthening the performance of ductwork will make a system 20% more efficient or more.

Contact Us to Save on Heating Repairs

Though a functional heating system is an important part of business ownership in South Carolina, overpaying for repairs doesn’t have to be. By following these tips and working with the pros at Inverter Mechanical Piping Solutions, building owners can get the services they need at an affordable price.

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