Signs Your Kitchen HVAC System Needs an Upgrade

The events of the past couple of years have put a strain on the restaurant industry. Now more than ever, restaurant owners need to put their best foot forward to ensure the success of their business. A successful restaurant includes keeping the kitchen in the best shape possible to ensure it runs properly and efficiently. A new HVAC system may be the upgrade needed to help.

What is a HVAC System for a Kitchen?

The HVAC system of a commercial kitchen is very similar to that of a home’s HVAC system. It consists of the ductwork as well as the heating and cooling system. The difference between kitchen HVAC system and a residential system is the system is larger and also includes various other parts that are necessary for running a commercial kitchen.

A commercial kitchen needs specific ventilation and filtration systems to keep the smoke and smells out. The exhaust hood fans over the stoves and other cooking areas help this process. A makeup air unit is also important to a commercial kitchen. This unit replaces the exhausted air with fresh air that is temperature-controlled.

Signs an Upgrade is Needed

When business owner fully understands the importance of their commercial hvac system, they also can identify the various signs of when a system upgrade is needed. OF course, if the system is not working, repairs or replacements of parts or the system may be necessary. However, there are more subtle clues that may offer a warning. These can include the following.

Rising Energy Costs

Throughout the year and from year to year, heating and cooling costs of a restaurant should stay relatively the same. If they begin to rise without any changes to the restaurant or its schedule, it may be time to have the HVAC checked out.

If the system is having problems, it may need to run harder to provide the same heating and cooling it previously did. When the system works harder, it uses more energy, thus raising the energy bills. The system will need inspected to see if repairs are in order. However, replacement may be the best option to lower the running costs of the business.

Uneven Temperatures

The entirety of the restaurant should be approximately the same temperature. Unfortunately, when the HVAC system begins to have problems, there may be areas of the restaurant that are hotter or cooler than other areas. These uneven temperatures are a sign of a problem.

There may be numerous reasons why the building’s HVAC system is not properly regulating the temperatures throughout the building. It could be damaged ductwork or a problem with the heating or cooling system. It may even be an issue with the ventilation system in the kitchen that prevents proper regulation of temperatures.

It is always important to have these issues checked out by a professional. An HVAC expert will be able to quickly identify issues with the system. and provide solutions to the problem. Once the right solution is found, the technician can even make the repairs.

Odd Smells

Although customers enjoy smelling the foods being cooked at a restaurant, there are some smells that should not mingle. When preparing food, it is important that the restaurant is inviting and pleasing to all the senses. However, if all the smells of every food in the kitchen intermingle, they may not provide the most appealing scents in the dining room.

When there are problems with the ventilation system of a restaurant, the various smells can all mix together. Even the smells of grease and smoke can become a big problem and make the food less appetizing. Fortunately, there are professionals that offer HVAC services to repair or even replace a problematic ventilation system in a kitchen.

Poor Air Quality

Even the best restaurants with the most delicious food will not be able to keep customers dining in if the air is stuffy or hard to breathe. Poor air quality can make customers uncomfortable and less likely to spend time in a restaurant.

If the restaurant is smokey or excessively humid, customers will not be staying for dessert. When air quality is poor, it can greatly impact the comfort of those in the restaurant.  It may be time to replace the system.

A new system is not cheap, especially for a commercial building. However, putting the replacement off could cost a lot more. Rising energy costs and uncomfortable customers can spell financial trouble for a business. It may be time to start looking into a new system.

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