Heating Installation and Repair

Heating systems are important for keeping warm and toasty when outdoor temperatures sink low. Even in South Carolina, the temperatures can drop uncomfortably low, leading business owners to turn on their heaters, so their employees and customers can feel the warmth. When a heating system starts to break down, owners need to know the signs to look for, so they can seek immediate repair services. 

Signs of Commercial Heater Problems

Commercial HVAC issues are much the same as residential. Problems with a commercial heater can come on suddenly, but there are often clues that can help business owners know when they need to call in the professionals for service. Just like with residential systems, ignoring the problems will not make them go away. In fact, overlooking repair problems could lead to further issues that become more expensive to repair. The following are some of the signs business owners can look for, to determine if they need to call for repair

  • If a business uses a boiler to heat the establishment, this means water is used. Seeing leaks is a major sign of problems with a heating system and should never be ignored. While small spots of water are nothing to worry over, pooling water could be a sign of major problems. 
  • Strange noises are also a sign of problems with a commercial heater. If an owner begins hearing unusual sounds like grinding and booming, they need to call someone out to have it checked. Unusual sounds can mean there are failing parts that need to be addressed. 
  • Another sign business owners will notice is lowered heat or no heat at all. If the system cannot heat effectively, it is important business owners call for repairs. A technician will be able to inspect the system and find the root cause of ineffective heating, so it can be corrected. If the system cannot be repaired, the technicians can offer installation services for a new unit. 
  • Higher energy costs are also a sign that should not be overlooked by business owners. If costs are rising, outside of increases in usage, business owners would be wise to have their heaters checked for problems that could be making them operate inefficiently. 
  • Does the system short cycle? If the heater begins turning off and on frequently, problems could be present that require repairs. Sometimes, this issue is caused by the system overheating. 

Prompt Heater Repairs Are Essential

Business owners who have noticed the above signs need to schedule an appointment for repairs immediately. Continuing to operate a heater that is in a state of disrepair can lead to further damages that become more expensive. 

When the technicians come out, they will inspect the heater and all its components fully. It is imperative commercial property owners do not take a DIY approach to repairs. Doing so could lead to further problems and even injuries. 

These technicians are highly trained to diagnose heater problems quickly and effectively. Once the issues have been discovered, the technician will report their findings to the owner and give them a detailed report on the repairs that need to be carried out, along with the projected costs. 

New Heater Installation Services

A heating system will typically last fifteen to twenty years before needing to be replaced. The life expectancy of a system will be protected with regular maintenance. When a system nears the end of its lifespan, it is imperative business owners are aware of the signs that may begin to occur. Knowing these signs will help business owners be proactive and seek a replacement, so their businesses will be warm and inviting all winter long. 

  • If the system is older than ten years, it is time to start looking for a replacement. Business owners should not wait to find a new unit because they could end up with a complete system failure. 
  • Is the system needing constant repairs? Business owners who are finding they are spending a lot of money on heater repairs need to consider having a new unit installed, so they can save money. 
  • Older systems are going to cost more to operate. If a system is causing a business to experience exorbitant electric bills, owners need to schedule an appointment for a new installation. 


Dealing with heater issues can be stressful for business owners. Those who have noticed signs of problems need to call a heater specialist to come out and inspect the system. The technicians will let the owner know if repairs are appropriate or if a new system installation is warranted. 

IMPS HVAC offers over 35 years of experience in heating system installation and repair services. Whether a business simply needs maintenance or there are complex repair issues, these are the professionals to call for service. 

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