Common Issues With Commercial HVAC Systems

Whether you’re running a store, restaurant, office, or factory, clean, fresh air is crucial to the safety, health, and well-being of staff and clients. A non-functional commercial HVAC system will affect other areas of a company, which means it’s important to address issues before they become uncontrollable. Our technicians can inspect these systems for issues that may affect their longevity as well as a facility’s air quality. When building owners understand the most common issues associated with commercial HVAC systems, they tend to act sooner.

Poor Maintenance Practices

Like home heating and cooling systems, commercial HVAC setups should be inspected at least once per year. With regular maintenance, it’s easier to catch small problems before they turn into big ones. When customers work with us, maintenance worries become a thing of the past.

Improper Repair and Installation

Sometimes, commercial HVAC issues start right away. If a system is installed incorrectly, or if it’s repaired in a substandard manner, weakness, inefficiency, and indoor discomfort will result. Let us install your system and give it the attention it deserves.

Low Air Quality

When workplaces have poor indoor air quality, HVAC systems tend to be clogged and contaminated. While building owners can take certain steps, such as changing air filters regularly, most maintenance tasks are better left to the experts. Call us to learn how we can help keep the clean, comfortable air flowing.

Thermostat Troubles

When a thermostat doesn’t work the way it should, it causes effects throughout the system. Most thermostat problems are due to low-quality wiring or drained batteries, and our technicians can resolve these problems quickly and easily. Call today to schedule HVAC maintenance.

Odd Noises

When commercial heating and cooling systems make too much noise, it can be quite distracting for customers and workers. While these noises are bothersome to hear, they often arise due to issues that need a measured, professional response. For instance, screeching and squealing sounds may indicate a broken fan belt, while whacking noises usually signal blockages in the blower. Our team will find out what’s causing these noises and fix the problem, ensuring the continued (and quiet) function of the building’s HVAC system.

Compressor Malfunctions

A failing or leaking compressor is one of the most common causes of commercial HVAC issues. Sometimes, these problems manifest themselves in the form of oil spots around valves, connections, and ports, which indicate a loss of refrigerant. When compressor signals get crossed, however, the signs are usually audible, not visual. A locked-up compressor will emit a loud humming noise, while one with a low refrigerant level will power cycle rapidly. No matter the cause of your system’s problems, we’ll detect and resolve them.

Condenser Failure

Most condenser problems are due to dirty or clogged coils, leaks, or fan breakage. We’ll spot the signs of a dirty condenser coil immediately, as they typically cause a restriction of airflow. Call today to schedule your next coil cleaning and keep this problem under control.

A Decrease in Efficiency

Commercial HVAC systems that lose their efficiency will also create air quality issues within a building. Sometimes, owners and employees notice sudden increases in energy spending as these systems work harder to maintain a consistent indoor temperature. If the system seems to be weakening with each passing day, our technicians can inspect it, diagnose the issue, and treat it immediately.

Leaking Water

When water leaks from an industrial HVAC system, it’s usually due to problems with the evaporator, heat exchanger, or collector box. If there’s water accumulating around the unit, schedule an inspection and repair appointment to prevent cracks and clogs in the system’s drain lines. When commercial building owners schedule inspections right away, they prevent future problems and ensure the continued function and efficiency of their HVAC systems.

Act Quickly When Commercial Heating and Cooling Problems Arise

When building owners and property managers have problems with their HVAC systems, they’re often tempted to cut costs by performing DIY repairs. These systems are quite complex, though, and it’s dangerous for untrained individuals to perform repairs. To stay safe and ensure a lasting, reliable repair, always call a professional when heating and cooling issues appear.

Our trained technicians have the skills, equipment, and expertise to address issues promptly and repair systems properly, which helps keep warranty coverage intact. When business owners leave HVAC repairs to the experts, they have more time to focus on other areas, and they’re reassured that their systems are in capable hands. Contact us for additional information or to schedule an appointment.

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